Life According to Boone

At this stage of my life, I have no desire to compete with or compare to another, but rather to focus on being my best self. To be all I can possibly be and live fully and freely while boldly perusing personal growth.

            Through the years I have gathered wise and diverse mentors and masters for all aspects of my life. Whether for mental, emotional, physical or spiritual growth I have been blessed with strong teachers and teachings.

            But my greatest, most trusted and enlightened guru on how to live a “best life” is my dog, Boone. Boone appears to have mastered this bumpy ride called “life” like a pro. In case you, or someone you know, might benefit here are some of his techniques for living well: 

            First, be happy no matter who shows up. Don’t let another’s darkness throw shade on your light. Boone greets everyone with joy and friendliness. Being a grumpy dog has never resulted in more treats or tummy rubs, so Boone always welcomes people with an open heart. He also greets most other animals the same way. Except for squirrels. Boone doesn’t care for squirrels and never hesitates to show his disdain – loudly. 

            Which leads to Boone’s second suggestion for a happy life: There will be those with whom you don’t vibe in life. There are some who just aren’t going to click. Bark at them, if you must, but then forgive them and move on.

            Being quick to forgive is another of Boone’s suggestions for a good life. Boone will seemingly forgive anyone anything. He forgives not for the other person or to condon what has been done, but rather it is so he can continue living in peace without holding onto a grudge or harboring resentment. Those things can get heavy and holding onto past hurts – real or imagined – only takes up space he can use to think about fun walks or treats. When necessary, he lets me know I have behaved in a less than acceptable manner.  He is not above informing me he does not approve when I forget his favorite treat or don’t walk him at the usual time, but that communicated, he peacefully returns to his nap.

            And napping is one of Boone’s favorite things and is crucial for a long and happy life. He believes that there are times in life when taking a nap is the best, and most productive, thing you can do. It helps break the energy of a day that may not be unfolding as we wish. It allows our bodies to rest and our brains time to quietly ponder whatever we’re trying to figure out. Chances are when we awake, a solution is waiting for us and we’re ready to take on any challenge. 

            Along with naps a daily walk outdoors is one of Boone’s tops suggestions for an excellent mood elevator. The fresh air lifts our spirits and helps us connect with the healing properties surrounding us in the natural world. We also have opportunities to smell a lot of things. This is often more significant for Boone than for me, but he has taught me the world can be a fragrant place. When we are present, we get a whiff of life’s sweetness and can appreciate everything a little more. 

            Boone’s best tip for a life well lived is to not be afraid or even hesitant to ask for what you want. He feels no shame or weakness in expressing, sometimes even demanding, his preferences. He has no embarrassment about the wanting or the asking. He lives with a rather daft human so maybe he understands clarity and directness is mandatory. However, once his wishes have been made clear, he accepts whatever he gets as being exactly what he needs.

            So, in summary, what are the basic keys to living a good life? Love first, forgive everything, take a nap when you need one, and be so present you recognize the sweetness of every moment of your life.

            In other words, be like Boone.

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7 Responses to Life According to Boone

  1. Crystal says:

    Ah, such wisdom you have learned from your great teacher! And he is such a pretty boy too. Really – this is a wonderful read and reminder. Thank you!

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  2. Morris Crisler says:

    Enjoyed Boone’s thoughts and suggestions for a life well lived. He must have been paying close attention to his closest life-companion and mentor. He may have even read some of your manuscripts while you were napping. Still, you seem to make the perfect pair of Buddies. Please pass along my Top Regards for his mentoring us both. A+ 🙂

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  3. Clark says:

    Boone is a wise teacher. We just follow his lead and all is good. It must be wonderful to have two great shoulders that allow you to reach for the stars! Keep on truckin.

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  4. says:

    Love this, thanks.



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