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What am I planting?

Beauty and blooms bring back memories and bridge past, present and future. But what am I planting that will be left behind for others? Continue reading

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Conversation with Mabel

An insightful conversation with an early morning visitor sheds light on this pandemic and how we might navigate through and become even better humans in the process.
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Following footprints in the snow

The winter storms of the last couple of weeks are finally becoming little more than a memory now that March has arrived. But, I admit the words “Snow Day” can still make me feel like a kid again. Do you … Continue reading

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The day the cows left home

            Moving back to the farm and being more involved in the day-to-day operations of a farm/ranch operation has been quite an education.  I’ve learned how to watch the commodity markets and place open orders for the crops.  I’ve learned … Continue reading

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Letting go of control

          If there is one thing that can remind us that we are not in control, it’s the weather.  We may convince ourselves that we are the master of our ships, until those vessels are tossed about like toys at the … Continue reading

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