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Tearing down the walls

I want to talk to you about building a wall. Not that wall. I’m talking about the walls we build inside of ourselves. The ones we create believing they will protect us. We feel loss, hurt, deceit and betrayal so … Continue reading

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Planting our seed

Want to do more with your life, but not sure what your path or purpose may be? Here are some ideas for following your passion, as well as how important it is to do just that. Continue reading

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Loss of Innocence

Many of us are remembering where we were 50 years ago today. For all of us who were old enough to have even a vague idea of the events of Nov. 22, 1963 we can no doubt vividly recall where … Continue reading

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Finding Treasures

My mother use to apologize for leaving me with the task of clearing out her basement. I would quickly suggest that she help me by bearing witness as I pulled each box down from the shelves, opened it and began … Continue reading

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Am I happy?

     People have been asking me lately if I’m happy living back on the farm. It has been about a year since I moved here so that’s also a question I’ve been asking myself, and in that asking I’ve made … Continue reading

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You can take the kid off the farm, but she may still find her way back home

            I love the graphic at the top of this page.  It reminds me of where I am, even who I am.  And it reminds me of why I moved back to this farm.             I may have always loved … Continue reading

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Dancing with the ghosts

Clearing out childhood home brings tears and smiles. Continue reading

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