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Hanging on to the top rungs

             In the past few months we have lost several elders from our community.  These are people I have known my entire life.  Several were “neighborhood parents” when I was growing up.  In small communities like this we had more … Continue reading

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Unplugging for a low-tech, high wonder day

Last Sunday I unplugged.  I didn’t check my email, update my status on Facebook, or post a single tweet.   I didn’t turn on the computer or even answer the phone.  It was a day of silence and low-tech living. Before … Continue reading

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Get out the hip-waders, it’s going to get ugly

            I recently heard an ad on television touting how someone would “stick it to” their opponent and was ready to “go toe-to-toe” with his competition.  Was it a commercial for a boxing match, perhaps?  Nope.  It was a political … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Woodstock!

            The Woodstock Music and Art Festival turns 40 this weekend.  Hard to believe, isn’t it?             Of course, I didn’t make it to Woodstock in 1969, and there have been times since that I felt like the only person … Continue reading

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“Are there any GOOD reporters out there?”

            Have you ever heard or read a comment that immediately made you puff up like a cat?  You know, where you can feel yourself start to fuss and hiss, and you get more indignant than you ever thought possible?  … Continue reading

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