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Granddaughter of an immigrant

My grandfather loved America with passion and pride. But he wasn’t born here. Grandpa came to the United States from Switzerland as young boy in the 1880’s.  He traveled here by ship with his mother and four siblings with only one … Continue reading

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Tips for Surviving the Cold

I am so ready for spring.  I thought the last twelve+ inch snow was the final blow, but then the winds starting blowing making going outside out of the question. It got so cold I had to work to stay … Continue reading

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It happened again

          This time it was bombs going off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  As I write this, those responsible for this unbelievable act of cowardice and cruelty have not been identified.  I hope … Continue reading

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Indeed we have come a long way…

Women’s athletics have come a long way since Title IX was passed in 1972. Before that women’s programs were few and far between and those that did exist faced enormous challenges and received little respect. A story from those early days help to put the progress made in perspective. Continue reading

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Finding Treasures

My mother use to apologize for leaving me with the task of clearing out her basement. I would quickly suggest that she help me by bearing witness as I pulled each box down from the shelves, opened it and began … Continue reading

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Hanging on to the top rungs

             In the past few months we have lost several elders from our community.  These are people I have known my entire life.  Several were “neighborhood parents” when I was growing up.  In small communities like this we had more … Continue reading

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Unplugging for a low-tech, high wonder day

Last Sunday I unplugged.  I didn’t check my email, update my status on Facebook, or post a single tweet.   I didn’t turn on the computer or even answer the phone.  It was a day of silence and low-tech living. Before … Continue reading

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Get out the hip-waders, it’s going to get ugly

            I recently heard an ad on television touting how someone would “stick it to” their opponent and was ready to “go toe-to-toe” with his competition.  Was it a commercial for a boxing match, perhaps?  Nope.  It was a political … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Woodstock!

            The Woodstock Music and Art Festival turns 40 this weekend.  Hard to believe, isn’t it?             Of course, I didn’t make it to Woodstock in 1969, and there have been times since that I felt like the only person … Continue reading

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“Are there any GOOD reporters out there?”

            Have you ever heard or read a comment that immediately made you puff up like a cat?  You know, where you can feel yourself start to fuss and hiss, and you get more indignant than you ever thought possible?  … Continue reading

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