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Indeed we have come a long way…

Women’s athletics have come a long way since Title IX was passed in 1972. Before that women’s programs were few and far between and those that did exist faced enormous challenges and received little respect. A story from those early days help to put the progress made in perspective. Continue reading

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Following footprints in the snow

The winter storms of the last couple of weeks are finally becoming little more than a memory now that March has arrived. But, I admit the words “Snow Day” can still make me feel like a kid again. Do you … Continue reading

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Finding Treasures

My mother use to apologize for leaving me with the task of clearing out her basement. I would quickly suggest that she help me by bearing witness as I pulled each box down from the shelves, opened it and began … Continue reading

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Will dance for rain

Rain is important for all of life, but for life on the farm it is the most important resource. Continue reading

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Turning 60

Turning 60 isn’t so bad. There are still dreams to dream and fun to be had. Continue reading

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The Reluctant Housekeeper

     I called my friend, Babs, the other day, but she couldn’t talk.  She was busy cleaning her house before her house cleaner got there.       Babs isn’t the only person I know who does this.  My mother was an … Continue reading

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The Stupid — Revisited

       I did it again! That’s right, I once again found myself standing next to something that had begun as a great idea, but then somehow took an unexpected U-turn, leaving me scratching my head and wondering how I could have … Continue reading

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Not enough friends? Or too much bread?

            A friend recently gave me a bag of starter for Friendship Bread.  I love the easily customized, moist, sweet bread that can be created from the starter, so I was thrilled.              But if you have ever received a … Continue reading

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Hanging on to the top rungs

             In the past few months we have lost several elders from our community.  These are people I have known my entire life.  Several were “neighborhood parents” when I was growing up.  In small communities like this we had more … Continue reading

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Doing The Stupid helped make me smarter

Over the weekend I mowed my lawn.  It had been over two weeks since I started that project because shortly after I did I accidentally mowed over my dog Sam’s 40-foot tie out cable.  The cable became immediately and tightly … Continue reading

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